Festool MFT3 Compatible Products

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Festool Pin Line Up.jpg

Pairs of Engraved Aluminium Precision CNC Turned Dogs 


Compatible with the Festool MFT/3 20mm Hole Bench or any similar grids with 20mm holes

M8 Locking Knob.jpg

EASY-TO-USE Miniature Manufacturing M8 Engraved Star Knobs

fitment for our very own Dog Pins & Vice Plate Unit for Festool Workbenches 

Vice Plate 3.jpg
Vice Plate 1.jpg

Miniature Manufacturing Portable Bench-top Vice Plate 

Small easy to use tool that's perfect for cutting

unusual material on the go!

Vice Plate 2.jpg

- Benefit of modularity

- Quick to remove so you can make the most of the full bench area once finished with it

- Produced from high quality 5083 Cast Tooling Plate with ground surfaces 

- High quality finish and lightweight

3MM Top Savers.jpg

Blue Acetal 3mm Riser Protectors suitable for Festool Tables and other work bench tops.


Protect your worktop with these accessories.

6 x Engraved Aluminium Precision CNC Turned Dogs 


This Set includes

4 x 5mm Height Dog Pins

2 x 20mm Height Dog Pins


Set of 14 x Engraved Aluminium Precision CNC Turned Dogs 

Set Includes 

2 x 5mm Head 

2 x 10mm Head

2 x 20mm Head

2 x 30mm Head

2 x 40mm Head

2 x 50mm Head

2 x 60mm Head